5 Strategies To Keep Your Employees Motivated In The New Year

5 Strategies To Keep Your Employees Motivated In The New Year

The adage of “nothing ventured, nothing gained” is true for many things in life. This advice couldn’t be more accurate than when it comes to managing people – whether they’re your employees or just part of your company’s team in San Antonio, TX. A company that does not prioritize or ventures into employee motivation strategies may see declining numbers and a significant drop in efficiency.

A motivated, driven staff can do wonders for a company. As we step into 2022, the changing worker dynamics and expectations mean that companies need to take extraordinary steps to keep their staff engaged and motivated. Here are five worker motivation strategies by the experts at Fundwise that you can follow this year to keep your staff satisfied.

1) Work from Home

The pandemic and the threat of a resurging variant has made all of us uncomfortable about visiting public places. When you allow the employees to work from home, you give them the option of staying at home and taking care of their loved ones.

Additionally, employees report having better job satisfaction and improved ability to manage their time effectively, so if given a choice between an office, or a desk at home, many employees would choose the latter.

Independent workers in full-time employment need flexible schedules just as much as part-time staffers do. To keep morale high and stress levels low, give your staff options for holiday schedules, telecommuting, and the opportunity to adjust their schedules if they have a family matter that needs tending.

3) Respect

Respecting an employee means not only treating them with dignity but showing consideration for their wishes when it comes to work-related issues. When you show respect for your employees’ interests, talents, and abilities, they will respond in kind by respecting the company’s best interests at heart.

4) Compensation and Monetary Rewards

Disgruntled employees tend to stay disgruntled unless there is money involved; raises and bonuses effectively keep employees motivated. Rewarding an employee with a promotion, raise, or bonus is well worth the investment if it keeps that employee engaged and willing to work hard for you in return.

5) Coaching, Mentoring, and Training

When leaders encourage their company’s employees to learn new skills outside of their purview, they indicate an interest in seeing those individuals succeed not only personally but professionally as well. Providing training opportunities is an excellent way to show your team members how much you value them; such initiatives also promote professional development, which will undoubtedly increase output across all departments.

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