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Fundwise provides unsecured lines of credit and unsecured term loans to provide financing for your education. Fundwise offers the best funding you can possibly qualify for.



  1. Go get your credit report at Credit Check Total. Click here to go to Credit Check Total. Create your account. The cost is $1 for a seven day trial. You can cancel your account after you get your pre-approval back. Below you’ll see a short tutorial on how to download a PDF version of your credit report.

2. Fill out the form to the right and upload your credit report or enter your username, password and last 4 of your social. (Credit Check Total does not provide any information in your credit report that can be compromised such as an SSN or specifics on identity or accounts.)

3. Submit your form and wait to be contacted for your approval. Approvals come back in less than 1 business day. (To increase your chances and options for approval, it’s helpful to upload your last two years of taxes if you are self-employed or your W2 and last two pay stubs if you are employed. This will also increase your approval amount by up to 70%)

View the Images Below On How To Download Your Credit Report

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