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Today’s business tip for entrepreneurs across the world is to be self-aware. Success comes to those who tell themselves the truth.

In today’s world, one of the biggest epidemics we face is that we constantly lie to ourselves in terms of giving excuses for the success we’re trying to achieve. It’s a little disease I want to call “excuse-itis.”

Excuse-itis lives inside each of us, and it is the habit of constantly coming up with reasons why we’re not achieving our goals. Roughly ninety percent of America’s population doesn’t make six figures a day. That means only 10% are making six figures.

No matter how you define success, making money, generating wealth, especially as a business owner/entrepreneur, is the scoreboard for success, right? It tells us whether we’re achieving the goals and lifestyle we want.

When we’re not consistently self-aware, it’s easy to give excuses for why we’re not getting the results we want.

They really focus on their strengths, and then they’ll bring in people into their business that understand those weaker areas, and those new employees will be able to lift the business up.

When entrepreneurial business owners try doing too much, aren’t self-aware, and don’t really understand what they do and don’t do well, they set themselves up for failure.

When you’re not self-aware, you really don’t honestly asses who you are and what you do and don’t do well. Maybe your weaknesses are skills you can learn and improve. After all, if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to learn new skills in things like advertising, marketing, funding, etc.

At the end of the day, sometimes what it takes is sitting down with a family member or friend—someone who really knows you well and knows your strengths and weaknesses. Ask them, “You know, I want you to tell me the truth. What do I do well, and what do I not do well? Do I have a victim mentality sometimes?” I think the majority of the population lives with these excuses instead of assuming control of everything.

When you are constantly making up excuses and reasons why you’re not achieving, why you’re not getting to where you want to go (and this goes with all areas of your life), and you want to have a successful business, you need to be self-aware.

Knowing what you’re good at and what you’re not, why you’re succeeding and why you’re not, is vital. It’s vital for having a successful family: understanding why you’re connecting with your kids and why they’re being successful or why they’re not. You’re responsible for your family being successful. You’re responsible for your company being successful.

Ultimately, being aware of the facts, being objective, being able to say, “Ok, I did this well in this aspect of my business or this aspect of my marriage or my family,” whatever it is. Self-awareness is the key for a lot of entrepreneurial success. It’s also the key to why many aren’t successful.

How many times do you hear people say, “Oh, I worked so hard at this,” or “Oh, I gave such great effort here,” but they didn’t get the results that matter? Telling yourself the truth, realizing your own weaknesses matter: that’s what’s going to take you to where you want to go.

So if you want to be a successful business owner, if you want to be successful at anything, you have to be self-aware. You have to tell yourself the truth. And sometimes you have to say, “Wow, I screwed that up. I didn’t get the job done. I didn’t do that well. I failed at this project.”

It’s ok to fail and then make that change, adapt, and move on. It’s ok to bring on people who do certain things better than you do.