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Failure Isn’t Fatal.

Failing at one task does not make you a failure.. Failing is simply part of the journey towards success. No successful person accomplished all they achieved without some form of failure. You must learn to recognize failure for what it is, an opportunity for growth....

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3 Things Your Business Should Have By Now

When you’re first getting your business off the ground, it’s easy to get caught up in the everyday tasks that need your immediate attention. But, prioritizing your to-do list in a way that leaves time for action items that may not need immediate attention, but still...

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How to Stay on Top of Cash Flow

  Why is staying on top of cash flow so difficult? Ironically, studies show the most common reason businesses fail isn’t due to poor management or a bad idea—it’s cash flow. I relate this problem to running. There’s a technique for distance running where you’re...

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Does Everyone in Your Company Have a Voice?

Having a voice is important for company culture—specifically, creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and comfortable. It’s difficult to start a new job when you feel like people are breathing down your neck and micromanaging, or when you feel...

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You Got Your Funding. Now What?

  For many small businesses, knowing what to do with newly secured capital can present quite the challenge. You might think, “Wow, all this money is here! Now what do I do with it?” Forecast Something I encourage our entrepreneurs to do is start with forecasting....

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Operations Tips From a COO Who Knows

Managing operations is different for every business, but there are some key things that can make you more efficient, prepared, and competitive. Here’s what our COO recommends: Prioritize For a lot of business owners, it can feel like your day-to-day schedule is just...

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How to Plan For Unexpected Expenses

  "Expect the unexpected." As a financial company, we need to put our money where our mouth is; if we expect something from our clients, we need to be doing that as well—especially when it comes to managing finances. Here are a few ways we recommend planning for...

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Manage Your Brand

  In the early days, Fundwise was known as “Business Funding Mastery.” It’s a bit of a mouthful, and from the beginning, it didn’t feel right. We knew we needed to find something that fit more of what we were trying to accomplish. We felt Fundwise was going to be...

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