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Business Funding 101

Is Your Business Ready for Funding?

  On today's Fundwise live show, our first question comes from one of our clients in Texas. This client has a question about the different loan types. Sometimes you can take a five-year term loan, similar...

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Best Funding Options for New start-up?

  Today I'm going to answer a question that we get from a lot of new entrepreneurs and start-ups. The question is "what is the best funding options available for a new start-up?" That's an excellent...

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Are You Ready to Fund Your Business?

  A common question that a lot of entrepreneurs have is at what point am I actually ready to acquire funding for my business? The answer is not a simple one. The first question you have to ask is at what point are you at with your business? in other words is your...

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How to Turn a Loan Denial into an Approval

  Can I turn a loan denial into an approval? I'm guessing that most of you have never even thought of this question before. You might have applied for a loan before and when you get denied, well, that's...

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The Unknown Truth About Business Funding

Often in life and in business, we are overly concerned with not getting screwed, and we focus so much on avoiding pain that we miss out on opportunities. The truth about business funding for your business is sometimes we confuse our secured, lower risk personal...

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Best Funding Options for Small Businesses?

Understanding Where Business Finance & Lending in General Has Come From In the early 2,000’s there was a massive push by politicians and government officials to loosen the requirements for the purchase of a home, suddenly there were new home loan products that didn’t...

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Personal Debt or Business Debt?

Is it worth getting into debt? Is it business debt or personal debt? Will getting into debt make your more money? The latter question is what you should be asking. New businesses may not qualify for great rates or large amounts, but what can you turn that money into?...

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