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Entrepreneurship – Learn the Ropes

How to Stay on Top of Cash Flow

  Why is staying on top of cash flow so difficult? Ironically, studies show the most common reason businesses fail isn’t due to poor management or a bad idea—it’s cash flow. I relate this problem to running. There’s a technique for distance running where you’re...

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Solutions: Three Types of Business Owners

When it comes to business, and life in general, nothing is perfect. Sometimes, everything seems to come together perfectly, while other times, everything seems to fall apart. As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you will inevitably face adversity. However, it’s...

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Are you a Business Owner or a Consumer?

In life we are all either kings or pawns, business owners or consumers, which are you? Frankly, thinking like an entrepreneur takes training and learning, but mostly it takes courage. Find out if you’re a business owner or consumer, a boss or a @#%#%, well you get the point.

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What I Learned From Gary Vaynerchuk

Last week Gary Vaynerchuk made a visit to Utah at the Entrepreneur Simplified event. At Fundwise, we've been following Gary for about a year and during that time our business has grown by 10 times, we've gone from two employees to 20 and our revenues have grown by 10...

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Entrepreneurs, Make Your Damn Payments

As entrepreneurs, we have a lot on our plate. It's very easy to let things slip through the cracks—no one is going to argue that. However, the fact remains, that much of our upward mobility and potential...

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Entrepreneurs Who Created Billions with Funding

The ability to master the art of business funding can be a determining factor in whether a business achieves its potential. Many entrepreneurs have incredible ideas, but how many of them pay the price to learn new skills like business funding mastery? Few and far...

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