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Mindset & Motivation

Failure Isn’t Fatal.

Failing at one task does not make you a failure.. Failing is simply part of the journey towards success. No successful person accomplished all they achieved without some form of failure. You must learn to recognize failure for what it is, an opportunity for growth....

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Three Reasons Why Optimism Wins

In today’s media-centric world, with so much information being thrown our way from Facebook and Google and Twitter, one attitude can literally contribute to you winning, and that is an attitude of optimism. It’s so funny—if I do an audit of my life and look at the...

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Being Self Aware – Tell Yourself The Truth!

  Today’s business tip for entrepreneurs across the world is to be self-aware. Success comes to those who tell themselves the truth. In today’s world, one of the biggest epidemics we face is that we...

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Your Desires Can Make or Break You

We're going to look at three different keys that we can focus on as business owners, entrepreneurs, and maybe some of the other titles and hats we wear in our lives, from fathers and mothers to brothers and sisters, etc. What we can do to be more successful in...

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