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Overcome These Common Startup Fears

Common fears associated with startups are different for everybody, but at Fundwise, we’ve found these fears to be the most common as we’ve grown: Inadequacy Failure Success Inadequacy It’s easy to feel...

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0% Lines of Credit to Jumpstart Your Business

If you’re an entrepreneur or an inspiring entrepreneur, then you need capital. Unsecured lines of credit at 0% interest for the first year is the best capital available to grow your business today. Here’s how it works: Click here to get started, and as long as you...

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Is Your Business Ready for Funding?

A question we often get from our clients is: “How do I know which type of loan(s) I should take?” There are several different types of loans out there. Some business owners choose to take a five-year term loan, similar to a car loan, with fixed interest and payments....

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ROL Not ROI That Counts

It's not always clear whether receiving funding does or doesn't make sense for your business. When exploring this question, it's important to remember that it's not ROI but ROL that counts. You're probably familiar with the term ROI (Return on Investment) but you're...

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Solutions: Three Types of Business Owners

When it comes to business, and life in general, nothing is perfect. Sometimes, everything seems to come together perfectly, while other times, everything seems to fall apart. As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you will inevitably face adversity. However, it’s...

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Why You Should Never Close a Credit Card Account

One of the biggest pieces of advice that you’ll encounter when working on your financial health is to eliminate and avoid credit card debt. This is excellent guidance to follow for personal purchases like vacations, clothes or that new TV that you just can’t wait to...

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How Can I Pull Cash off of a 0% Credit Card?

  Let's get to today's small business funding question: I've got some 0% credit card accounts but how do you pull cash off of these accounts? Let's say you're in real estate and you need some money...

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How Do I Get a $100,000 Line of Credit?

Business owners and entrepreneurs are all asking the same question: "How in the world can I get one massive line of credit of at least $100,000?" Money that you can use however you want to grow your...

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Are you a Business Owner or a Consumer?

In life we are all either kings or pawns, business owners or consumers, which are you? Frankly, thinking like an entrepreneur takes training and learning, but mostly it takes courage. Find out if you’re a business owner or consumer, a boss or a @#%#%, well you get the point.

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