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Personal Debt or Business Debt?

Is it worth getting into debt? Is it business debt or personal debt? Will getting into debt make your more money? The latter question is what you should be asking. New businesses may not qualify for great rates or large amounts, but what can you turn that money into?...

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Will Credit Inquiries Ruin My Credit?

Will credit inquiries ruin your credit and your life? There are a significant number of loan officers and finance pros across the nation who seem to take pleasure in perpetuating incorrect information with respect to credit inquiries, to be honest it drives me nuts....

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What is Business Credit and Why Does it Matter?

The best kept secret in business is the Power of Business Credit. Our Corporate Credit development program brings to light the ability for a business to build a strong business credit score with the three main business credit bureaus. By building a strong business...

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Your Desires Can Make or Break You

We're going to look at three different keys that we can focus on as business owners, entrepreneurs, and maybe some of the other titles and hats we wear in our lives, from fathers and mothers to brothers and sisters, etc. What we can do to be more successful in...

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Why Should You Incorporate Your Business?

In the United States there are approximately 28 million business owners and each month an estimated 500,000 new entrepreneurs start new enterprises across the US. Each business owner at some point must deal with the question should you incorporate your business or...

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Why Start Ups are Denied Funding

Why 95% of Businesses (especially Startupsare Denied Funding at their Local Bank. Well hey there, I’m guessing if you’re reading it’s because you’re an entrepreneur or an aspiring entrepreneur and you understand that a business owner’s ability to secure capital is...

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Get 6 Times More Funding For Your Business

Free No Obligation pre-approval process here. Maybe you've asked yourself why is it so difficult to find funding for your new or existing business? Why is it so complicated to qualify for a business loan at your local bank or through SBA? Learn how I struggled to find...

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Is SBA a Legit Option for My Start-up Business?

When it comes to SBA loans for startup businesses there is really only one of the 3 SBA programs that is a possible option for Startups to secure an SBA loan. SBA loans are not actually made to businesses by the small business administration, but rather they are given...

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