Business Line of Credit

Fundwise offers both unsecured and secured business lines of credit to its customers. Now, you can get a revolving loan that allows you to access a fixed capital amount you can use to meet short-term business needs.

From purchasing inventory to repairing critical business equipment, you can get a loan to finance different business operations. Get the boost of finance your business desperately needs by signing up for a business line of credit loan.

Before signing up for our business line of credit, customers go through a due diligence process. You will only be eligible for a business line of credit if you have the required credit score. Having a steady cash flow is an added advantage that strengthens your case for a loan.

At Fundwise, we customize business loans and provide you with a line of credit that suits your needs and fits your financial standing. With our services, you won’t get a loan that is too much or too little.