How We 10Xed Our Marketing Results

How We 10Xed Our Marketing Results

A few insights brought to you by Corey Price, Co-Founder of Fundwise

I want to tell you a little bit about our marketing journey. I love marketing. I’ve been doing it for quite a few years (a little bit more so in the SEO department), and I’ve had my own SEO company. But when we first started marketing at Fundwise Capital, we didn’t have any money coming through the company yet. I actually went through the funding program myself, got some money, got some business credit cards, business credit lines.

We had to get some leads, so we put up a landing page. We had a funding company previous to this that we were a part of, but we figured let’s break off, let’s do this how we feel like the clients want us to run a funding company, how they want to be treated, and have a more transparent office.

So we did that. We got a little office, no bathroom. Maybe too much information, but we peed out by the pine tree off to the side of the building. (Read Our Story) We had some credit lines to use. It’s stressful to spend that money and have so many unknowns, but I’ve got some background in Adwords, and that’s kind of how we started out.

We started spending some money on a daily basis. We’ve got our book (The Business Funding Formula), manuals, Adwords, articles, etc. We put up a landing page, and it fortunately converted quite well. We actually test that landing page all the time. The landing page is the page that our visitors come to see some information and to apply on our website

The lesson we’ve learned in marketing is that it’s all about testing. You test every day and you start small. You spend enough money to get a hundred clicks to your website, and then you tweak and improve. Sometimes you scrap everything all together and go in a different direction, but it’s all about testing on a small level. You test it, you nail it, and then you scale it. That’s how you grow your business.

Test a little bit at a time. What happens if you spend a lot of time on something (on your landing pages and your campaigns and your wording), and then you finally launch it after a month or two, and it doesn’t work? Look at how much time you’ve wasted.

Instead, just put something together. It doesn’t matter if it looks horrible or not, the content is there. And if you’ve got some ads and it’s functional, just make it work and go for it. But do it on a small level and then fix things as you go along. Grow it and grow it once you find something that works. And we never know what’s going to work—we have no idea.

I actually think our landing page is quite ugly. We’ve got an image on there that has a basic blue background, and it’s even a little fuzzy, which is embarrassing to say as a marketer. But I’ve tested that page so many times using A/B testing, which is what you should do.

A/B testing is when you have two different pages: the main page that you know is working and a different page for where clients go to that has one change on it compared to the original page. Then you test that page to see if people respond better to it. Honestly, we can’t beat our original landing page, even though I think it looks ugly. You just never know what’s going to work.

It’s all about testing and starting small. Then take what works, improve on that, and scale it. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!