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    Fundwise Capital Helps Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, Small Business Owners And Real-estate Investors Secure The Best Funding They Can Qualify For, Guaranteed.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Of course! The Fundwise process can accommodate all types of businesses.

    While it is not mandatory to have an entity created, many banks are more willing to lend to an individual that has put forth the effort to create an LLC or a corporation. Another upside of creating an entity is the protection and legitimacy it gives your business.

    The only major ramifications you or your business may face would come from failure to repay lenders.

    Your credit score is the most influential aspect. You or your credit partner should at least have a credit score of 680 or above.

    No problem! Many of our applicants bring on a credit partner with a 680+ credit score. A credit partner, for example, can be a business partner, friend, family member or investor, etc.

    Most funding companies in this industry take 45 to 90 days attempting to secure capital for their clients. Through Fundwise Capital’s streamlined process, funding can be obtained in 10 to 21 days.

    Fundwise Capital’s process is the outcome of extensive bank analysis, legal consultation and research and development. Our surplus of knowledge comes from our learned skill to analyze and contrast thousands of applications and the subsequent credit awarded.