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In the early days, Fundwise was known as “Business Funding Mastery.” It’s a bit of a mouthful, and from the beginning, it didn’t feel right. We knew we needed to find something that fit more of what we were trying to accomplish. We felt Fundwise was going to be the right option for the value we were trying to provide clients—not only to deliver funding, but education and values so clients could make good decisions going forward with the funding they obtain.

Most businesses go through this process of making sure their brand resonates and represents what they want it to. We’ve found the following core principles helpful as we’ve developed our brand. Incorporate them into your brand strategy as you practice trial and error to fulfill the needs of your business and your customers.

Listen to the market

Brand management takes some trial and error. We’ve done a few things to continue to pivot over time. We’re firm believers that the market will tell us what’s going to work. We always want to be customer-oriented, and in order to protect our brand, we’ve made a consistent effort to deliver value and listen to our customers.

If there’s anything we need to improve customer retention and satisfaction, we make those necessary adjustments to make sure people always have a good association with Fundwise and any product we roll out.

Be natural

We’ve really tried to do what feels natural by meeting frequently and changing anything that doesn’t feel right. This is difficult for businesses that are bigger, have more employees, more clients, etc., but making those pivots from the very beginning can make all the difference. When you’re always making pivots and analyzing the overall customer experience, it becomes habitual. It’s easier to make these adjustments over time, no matter how big the company gets in revenue and employees.

Lay a foundation

In order to align your brand with the company’s long-term vision, setting up an appropriate foundation is essential. We have goals in mind, and we want to make sure we continue to work toward those goals—not just monthly and quarterly goals, but long-term goals.

As we follow these brand management principles, we can ensure Fundwise grows into what we hoped it would become from the very beginning. What can your company do to strengthen your brand?