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As entrepreneurs, the Super Bowl can teach us a lot about how to deal with adversity and the importance of everyone on your team doing his or her job!

Last night, the New England Patriots found themselves down 28 to 3 against the red hot Atlanta Falcons. Most of us believed that this game was essentially over. I’m guilty; I turned it off and went back to my home office to check emails, but I kept the live gamecast of the game on one of my screens just in case.

Soon it was 28-9, then 28-12 in the fourth quarter, and it still appeared to be over.  A few seconds later, the Patriots had the ball just 20 yards away from scoring. I turned on the game just in time to see the Patriots score another 6 points to make it 28-18, and then incredibly they got the two-point conversion, making it 28-20.

So your telling me there’s a chance…Literally everything in that fourth quarter had to go the Patriot’s way, and magically it did as they were easily within field goal range and then got pushed back on a sack.

Eventually, the Patriots scored another touchdown and two-point conversion, tying it up at 28. Then in overtime, the team marched straight into the end zone to win 34-28. What is the lesson that entrepreneurs can learn here?

In business and life, when you are metaphorically down 28-3, it is so easy to give up.

Not long ago, we found our new business working out of my kitchen, constantly telling out kids to be quiet as we talked to clients. Next, we moved to a small office with a legitimate hole in the floor (looking for plumbing pipes for a bathroom,) then we were able to move to a 4,000 sq ft office, and incredibly, within a short period of time, we grew to 30 employees and a 7,000 sq ft office.

Years earlier, I was guilty of letting doubt creep into my mind. I was negative and let challenges beset my businesses, but as we have grown Fundwise we have outlawed such thoughts, and everyone is constantly pushing positive, optimistic thoughts and actions.

Negativity is an epidemic in our society—avoid it at all costs. Remarked New England Wide Receiver Julian Edelman, “You’ve gotta believe!”  Now remember his remarkable catch off of the leg of one of the Atlanta players, and you begin to realize the power of belief.

New England’s coach always talks about doing your job. If one person on the team had not done their job in the second half of that game, the Patriots would have lost, no doubt. But they all did their job, and the result was epic.

Is everyone on your team in your business focused on doing their job? You need all hands on deck to succeed, which is why company’s like Google and Facebook thrive as everyone is on the same page and obsessed with success together as a team. Do the same in your business, and success will follow!