This Is What Happens When You Use Creative Funding

This Is What Happens When You Use Creative Funding

Dan Cronin epitomizes the saying “go big or go home”. As a serial entrepreneur and father of 6, he possesses an incredible amount of drive and energy. But perhaps the most envious on his long list of accomplishments is that he’s made a living out of doing what he loves—racing.

Transforming a Hobby Into a Profession

Dan’s company, Viper Scale Racing, is a high-performance slot car manufacturer near Utah’s Silicon Slopes. They produce the best slot car tracks in the world, along with the components to race on the tracks. (Over 600 products!) While they’re a leader in the industry now, it took a large amount of work and dedication to get there.

Dan’s company had its start in the summer of 2013 when he partnered up with a fellow enthusiast to build a new, supercharged HO Slot Car Chassis. This experience, coupled with his business acumen, paved the way for him to transform his hobby into a profession.

Taking it to the Next Level

After bootstrapping the first few years, Dan knew he needed more resources to take his business to the next level. So, like any new business owner in the modern age, he took to Google to suss out his options. That’s when he found Fundwise Capital. He researched our ratings before reaching out to us for help with funding the next level of growth for his business. Within a week, his funding options started pouring in.

Since working with Fundwise Capital, Dan has been able to expand his team and focus on product innovation. This has led to a higher quality product and better experience for his customers.

“I would recommend Fundwise because of the overall experience. The associates that work with Fundwise are friends now. They’re there to answer any questions that we have. They also just will check in and see how we’re doing…I think the overall experience with Fundwise was fantastic” – Dan Cronin