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Kevin Bowman, a Las Vegas native, moved to Utah with his family 5 years ago for their son’s medical treatment. While they enjoyed living in Utah, there was one thing missing from their lives—Teriyaki Madness. So, Kevin decided to open the first Teriyaki Madness in the state of Utah.


Taking the Plunge

As a father and full-time HR Director, Kevin already had a full plate when he decided to open his franchise. Opening his business wasn’t easy; it required a lot of time, effort, and money. With all the craziness in his life, the last thing Kevin needed was the hassle of funding his business. Local banks turned him down for some traditional business loans. So, he came to Fundwise Capital.


Creative Funding

We helped Kevin secure over $78,000 in revolving lines of credit at 0% interest for the first 9-15 months. With all the stress of opening a new business, it was a relief for him to find such quick and easy funding with Fundwise Capital.

“There’s so much about starting a business and running a business that is difficult…Funding is one of those things that’s difficult; and the process is difficult…To have a company like Fundwise, that makes it so easy [to get funding], was a huge benefit to me…I certainly would recommend looking into it as an option for anybody that wants to start a business.” – Kevin Bowman

Bright Future

Kevin’s Utah eatery has now been open for 4 months and it has become a popular destination for Utahans. Especially for people who frequent the nearby gym before enjoying a discount on a healthy meal from Teriyaki Madness.

As for the future, Kevin is optimistic and hopes to open another location in the future. Whatever he decides to do, Fundwise Capital will be here to help!



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