What Is Business Credit And Why Does It Matter?

What Is Business Credit And Why Does It Matter?

The best kept secret in business is the Power of Business Credit. Our Corporate Credit development program brings to light the ability for a business to build a strong business credit score with the three main business credit bureaus.

By building a strong business credit profile, the enterprising business owner can then secure financing and build an incredible reputation based solely on the company’s business credit. That means that it is no longer necessary for the business owner to utilize their personal credit or to personally guarantee everything connected with the business.

Ask yourself: does Bill Gates use his personal credit to fund his business? How about the Walton family that owns much of Walmart do they personally guarantee everything for Walmart? The answer is a resounding no, because they have shrewdly developed an impeccable corporate credit profile and the good news is that regardless of the size of your business you can do the same.

4 Reasons Why Business Credit Matters

  • Reduce personal liability: Avoid risking your personal credit, home & assets, put the risk on the business where it belongs.
  • Real Corporate Credit & Funding: Secure massive funding from your business’ credit score not your personal credit score.
  • Increase the Value of your Business: Some day you may wish to sell your business or just have it appraised it will be worth a lot more if it has corporate credit established.
  • Land big contracts: Before a government entity or large corporation decides to do business with you they will check your business credit report and a good business credit score will be the deciding factor whether they work with you.