Your Desires Can Make Or Break You

Your Desires Can Make Or Break You

We’re going to look at three different keys that we can focus on as business owners, entrepreneurs, and maybe some of the other titles and hats we wear in our lives, from fathers and mothers to brothers and sisters, etc. What we can do to be more successful in accomplishing our ultimate desires?

Before we go to those three keys, I want to talk a little bit about how this ultimate desire thing works.

For example, one of my mentors that I follow quite a bit, Grant Cardone, has a goal to own $500 million in apartment buildings and to have a net worth of $100 million. With that his ultimate goal, he is constantly making decisions based off of what it’s going to take to accomplish that goal. Every decision he makes throughout the day leads him back to that.

Cardone has to think, “Am i getting closer to that end goal, that big lifetime goal with my daily decisions, with what I’m doing with my business, investments decisions, everything in my life?” That always has to be in the back of his mind.

Another mentor that i follow quite a bit, Gary Vaynerchuck, has a goal to own the New York Jets. We all know the cost of sports teams is going up every single year. He’s going to need hundreds of millions of dollars, if not a net worth of a couple billion dollars to have the potential and the wherewithal to be able to make a dream like that happen. And so again, his decisions on a daily, monthly and yearly basis go back to that ultimate desire.

It’s really important to define what your ultimate desire, ultimate end game is. Maybe it’s not business-related. Maybe it’s to be able to spend half of your time with your family.

If that’s your ultimate desire, what sort of monthly cash flow are you going to need to make that happen? What sort of time management and systems and processes do you need? What is your team going to need to be able to do to make those things happen? If you don’t have that ultimate desire or end goal in mind, it’s not going to happen. Define it, and it’s got to be something big.

We’ve all been taught, “Oh, make sure your goals are nice and realistic.” No! You need to have really high goals that are going to excite you every day. Otherwise, if you just have regular realistic goals that we’ve all been taught to go for, then you’re going to, at some point, not achieve those and be frustrated.

You lose interest when it’s not a really exciting goal. I know that those guys have big huge giant goals that keep them excited on a daily basis.

We’ve been talking a lot about those ultimate desire that will push us. Let me ask you something: When was the last time you wrote down your goals? You wrote them down, and you were going to review them all the time.

We kind of all do that at the beginning of the year in January with our New Year’s resolutions to go to the gym, make more money, spend more time with our family, be more successful. But then we lose track of them.

The most successful people write down their goals daily. Every single day. They get out of bed and write down those goals daily. Something incredible happens when you do this and focus on your goals. Maybe you’re meditating, maybe you’re reflecting during breakfast or before or after a workout in the morning (which I definitely recommend—working out helps to get your mind bright as a succesful, high-performing person), but you’ve to to write down those goals daily. And again, this is something the most successful people do; I’m not saying I’m there, but I’m hoping to get there. The people I’m studying are there.

The second thing is to control and focus your thoughts. In the day, during the week, throughout life, we come across problems. We come across issues, challenges, adversity. It might be health, it might be financial, it might be family, just the latest challenge that pops up. It’s really easy to get lost in those challenges, that cloud of despair, and continue to focus on that.

While you’ve got to resolve those problems and deal with them for sure, you don’t want to spend much time in them.

It’s amazing, if you’ll just be self-aware and realize, “Ah, I’m stuck in this problem,” and focus on the solution, moving to the next project and just letting that failure grow, you’re going to progress and accomplish a lot more. You’re going to move on and progress. One of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time, a man by the name of Sam Walton, started Wal-Mart.

One of the things people used to say about Sam Walton is that he moved on from failure so quickly. His first store got taken away from him because the landlord wanted to give the store to his son, so he literally kicked Sam Walton out of his store. Sam had to sell all of his inventory and find a new location, in a new city, and move his family after he had built the entire store up—all because of that little loophole in the lease agreement.

He was so good at moving on from failure, and that’s why he ultimately succeeded at such a grand level. In order to succeed and move on from adversity, you have you to move on quickly. You have to take the bad experience, put it in a compartment, throw it in the ocean where it can sink and go away and move on to the next project. That’s what successful people do.

The third and last, and maybe one of the most important, keys that leads you to success and to your ultimate desires coming to fruition is managing your time.

In today’s electronic world, it is so easy to get lost on a little tangent on Facebook or YouTube. It’s so easy to get lost binge-watching your favorite TV show (The Walking Dead, one of my favorites), but if you look at how much people are saying, “I don’t have time. You know, Leo, I’d like to do that. I’d like to get this business going. I just don’t have the time to do it.” You know what? I guarantee there are hours upon hours being wasted every day in front of the TV or in front of doing your favorite hobby.

Forget about working on your golf game. Why don’t you work on your family? Why don’t you work on your business, on that idea so you can quit your job, so you can be successful? Whatever the case is, we all have a lot more time than we think we have.

I realized in my own life, looking back over the past decade, I’ve wasted countless hours watching sports. I love sports, especially football. As much as I love those things, they weren’t helping me get anywhere closer to my goals.

As I started to take that out of my life, instead of watching my favorite sporting event or show at night, I started to do a lot more reading. I started to do a lot more pondering and learned new skills. By doing that, I managed my time better.

It’s led to increased levels of productivity and success, and I’ve learned more in the last year than I have in the last decade—probably because I’ve managed my time so much better. I went to a seminar recently and a guy in the group said, “Yeah, I watch an hour of TV every week, and I’m accomplishing so much more because of it.”

It’s the same with our kids. Its’ not that it’s bad for them to be on their tech stuff, because you want them to be involved and learn technology, but when they’re wasting hours upon hours watching games and TV shows and stuff like that, they waste a lot of time they could be using to fulfill their passions and skills and so forth. It’s the same for us; we’ve got to set an example for our kids.
These are the three things: writing down goals, controlling and focusing thoughts, and getting through adversity. Ultimately, if you do these three things, you will get back to where you want to be as far as your ultimate desires and goals go. That’s what it takes to be successful.

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